Urfi Javed covered this part with a cloth to cover her body, then came out openly in the market, people said – covered the top but the bottom…

Fashion insta Urfi Javed is often in headlines for her peculiar fashion sense. Urfi surprises people every time with her fashion. She lives a normal life but her clothes are not normal at all and no common man can think of wearing clothes like Urfi. If seen in the true sense, then where does Urfi wear clothes? She only uses things from everyday life to cover her body. Sometimes Urfi goes to the market by covering her body with flowers and sometimes with fruits. As if it seems that Urfi is from the era of Adi Manav. At the time when he used trees and plants to cover his body, Urfi Javed also does something similar.


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Now once the actress was spotted outside the restaurant in an orange dress. Urfi is seen in a pink colored crop top, she has hidden her face with a pink colored mask, underneath she is wearing a white and pink colored skirt. She has made her hair bun and is seen wearing golden earrings in her ears. People are trolling this look of Urfi fiercely, commenting in different ways, one user commented that, “You are showing the summons. While another user commented, “Ari Mori Maiya, when will God improve this girl.” While another user wrote, “Jo dhakna chahiye woh sab khula hai .. jo khula ho hona ho ho band hai .. very good mental girl hai.”


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Urfi became famous due to trolling

Well, Urfi doesn’t care about these trollers. He himself disclosed this during an interview, he told that today I am famous, people know me because they do not like me and they troll. Because of which I have become more famous.

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