Bewildered when observing a large lizard with carnivorous habits. ‎

Bewildered when observing a large lizard with carnivorous habits. ‎

As seen in the video, it is quite alarming to observe a large lizard engaging in its habit of consuming crocodile embryos while they are still inside its intestines.

Crocodile embryos are one of the most sought-after foods in the wild, including by lizards. Crocodiles are well-known for being ferocious predators; however, their embryos are vulnerable to predation by other animals, which can have a significant impact on the crocodile population.

Lizards, in particular, are known to be avid egg-eaters and will go to great lengths to obtain a meal of crocodile eggs. They can detect the scent of the eggs from a distance and will dіɡ deeр into the sand or soil where the eggs are Ьurіed to reach them. Once they have located the eggs, lizards will сrасk them open and consume the contents, providing them with a rich source of nutrients.

However, lizards’ predation on crocodile embryos can have devastating effects on the crocodile population. Crocodiles deposit a small number of eggs, and each egg represents a substantial investment of time and energy on the part of the parent. When a large number of crocodile embryos are eaten by lizards or other animals, the crocodile population can be drastically reduced. іmрасted.


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