Fearless Mother Hippo Sacrifices to Protect Newborn: Deadly Encounter with Crocodile Ends in Victory

Just because of a mistake, the baby hippo was killed by a crocodile, which was extremely pitiful. To take revenge, the mother hippo took revenge by taking the enemy’s life with terrifying blows.

Taking advantage of the mother hippo’s vulnerability, the greedy crocodile rushed to attack the baby hippo to eat meat, although in the wild, crocodiles and hippos rarely clash.

The inexperienced baby hippo was quickly torn to pieces under the sharp teeth of its predator. The mother hippopotamus returned from searching for food, painfully witnessing her baby being eaten and extremely angry.

Without thinking, it quickly rushes to attack the enemy even though it knows that it cannot save the life of the young animal. The two rushed into a noisy battle to the death all along the river.

Crocodiles are no match for mother hippos. It quickly became exhausted in the fight with its ferocious, cruel enemy. The hippo dragged the crocodile ashore and dealt with the person who dared to eat its baby.

The hippo easily killed the crocodile to avenge his child. Heartbreaking and painful image of a mother hippo with her baby hippo.


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