Poland’s most tattooed woman officially confirms body is covered 96% in ink

Adrianna Eisenbach is Poland's most tattooed person

A woman who covered herself in ink can now officially say she’s the most tattooed person in Poland.Adrianna Eisenbach, 52, is known in her native as an aspiring celebrity and model who often receives the title “queen of scandal”.

Extreme tattoos & body modifications could get you in serious trouble. Ask this guy | EconomicTimes

She made her debut in the entertainment world thanks to the reality program Królowe życia (Queen’s of Life).And now after much speculation, she confirmed in an Instagram post that her body is 96.05% in tatts.

Tattoos cover 96.05% of her body, including her head and intimate areas

“I set the record for the most tattooed Poland and I was super impressed with it,” she wrote in an Instagram post announcing the news.”What percentage is my body tattooed… finally it’s calculated, precisely measured by the way you calculate a burned body and these percentages didn’t come out that low.

She doesn't think she'll tattoo her whole face

Adrianna still wants to tattoo more of her body

Adrianna has said her ex-husband wouldn't let her get any ink

Extreme tattoos & body modifications could get you in serious trouble. Ask this guy | EconomicTimes

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