Tattoo model flaunts jaw-dropping ink by wearing nothing but cling film

An alternative model stripped fully naked to flaunt her eye-popping tattoo collection.

Mara Inkperial

Instead of wearing clothes, Mara Inkperial wrapped herself in cling film.

Mara Inkperial

And the see-through material worked well to showcase the intricate designs that cover her from head to toe.

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The 29-year-old, from Germany, cheekily snapped some selfies and told fans to “stay fresh”.

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They went wild for the sexy images, which garnered more than 17,900 likes on Instagram in a matter of days.

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Many also took the time to leave positive comments.

Mara Inkperial on Twitter: "Tap my bio" / Twitter

Mara Inkperial on Twitter: "#marainkperial" /  Twitter

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