Oops! What is this look of Urfi, blue hair on the head and colorful dress worn on the body, the new look went viral in minutes

Internet sensation Urfi Javed works to blow people’s senses every day with her unusual style. Recently also, Urfi Javed has stunned the netizens with her new and peculiar style. Urfi Javed’s new look has gone viral on social media within minutes. In the new look, Urfi Javed New Dress is seen wearing blue hair on her head and such a colorful dress on her body that people have started commenting fiercely.

Blue hair on the head, dress worn on the body created ruckus!


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Urfi Javed Instagram has shared the video of his new look on Instagram. In this video, Urfi Javed is seen wearing light blue and bright hair on her head. Haseena is wearing pink glasses on her eyes and a colorful dress on her body. The top in Urfi Javed’s new dress is made of lots of stones. Urfi is wearing colorful print shorts, hand gloves and boot covers in the new look. Urfi Javed’s new look is a collaboration with Iconic. The new look of Urfi Javed Video has been shot by celebrity photographer Dabboo Ratnani.

Urfi Javed’s new look went viral within minutes

The new look of Urfi Javed (Urfi Javed New Look) is becoming very viral on social media. People are commenting fiercely on Urfi’s video, some are calling her a cat and some are trolling Urfi for her new look. Let me tell you, Urfi Javed Controversy often gets trolled for her looks. Recently, Urfi was even denied entry into a restaurant because of her sloppy clothes. After which Urfi Javed has created a lot of ruckus on social media!

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