Urfi Javed New Look: What is this… To cover the body, Urfi wore such a thing, which makes you feel disgusting!

Urfi Javed’s dresses are beyond mind. Urfi comes wearing what you can’t even imagine. Urfi’s new video is going viral on social media, in which this time she has used an octopus to cover her honour. Urfi was seen topless in the latest look covering her body from the front side with this octopus. Seeing this dress of Urfi, your head will spin this time too.

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What is he wearing… Octopus?

To cover the body, Urfi uses such things that people’s mind gets confused after seeing her outfit. This time too, when Urfi Javed appeared in front of the camera in her new look, the paps were blown away by her look. Urfi is topless wearing an octopus style tube top on the front side. After covering the body with this octopus tube top, gray colored pants covered the lower part of the body.

urfi is amazing

CONTROVERSY: Urfi Javed SLAMS media for SLUT SHAMING her; questions, “Why  you writing articles about my undergarments?”

To complete this new look, Urfi Javed made a high tight bun of her hair, along with subtle makeup. However, looking at the video, it seems that Urfi’s mood is a bit bad. Urfi posed in front of the paps and then went inside.

Bollywood is not my father's...', says Urfi Javed about entry into films |  NewsTrack English 1

Fans keep waiting

Fans eagerly wait for Urfi Javed’s new look. Urfi also does not disappoint the fans at all and keeps sharing videos of such new looks every day that it becomes difficult to control the hearts of the fans. However, many times Urfi gets trolled because of these looks and videos. Despite this, she continues to share videos and photos of such hot and bold looks.

Urfi Javed Trolled For Her New Fashion Sense, Netizens Slams

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