/1.The man hunts for a ‘legendary monster’ over 8 meters long, weighing 5 tons.

Garrett Wales is a hunter living in the town of Brock (Texas, USA). Passionate about hunting freshwater monsters, he recently went on a 10-day trip to the Savé Valley of Zimbabwe (Africa), just because he heard about a giant crocodile that was a monster to humans. people in the area.

Man hunts ‘legendary monster’ – Photo 1.

Người đàn ông săn lùng ‘quái vật huyền thoại’

Garrett decided to hunt it. For 5 days in a row, Garrett hunted for the crocodile everywhere, until suddenly he found it hiding in a bunch of reeds. Garrett tried to get close to the alligator and shot it dead with a rifle.

After that, it took 9 people to move the crocodile weighing more than 450 kg and about 4.5 m long. Local people praised Garrett for his courage and kindness in destroying the crocodile without fear of danger. But the government had to react because of the ban on hunting wild animals.

Người đàn ông săn lùng ‘quái vật huyền thoại’ - Ảnh 1.


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